About Karikuy

Our Mission

Established on September 4th, 2007 by Julio C. Tello, The Karikuy Organization was founded with the ambitious goal of helping the Peruvian people & erasing extreme poverty in the country.

Karikuy began offering tours in 2008 to help accomplish our mission. With the creation of the Karikuy Volunteer program and fundraising efforts, the organization was able to begin offering aid after natural disasters in the country. The organization also began sending supplies to remote Andean areas where children in particular are suffering due to the intense cold weather. 

About Us

An old Inca saying defines the organization and its goals, Karikuy; “to live life with an open heart”. Karikuy applies this motto in the way we do business, as we’re always thoughtful of our customers who in turn become friends and collaborators.

Karikuys’ survival as a company and humanitarian organization is in the hands of our customers, whose support and business fund our programs. Through tourism and exploration we invite you to experience Peru with Karikuy as your guide, with us you will not be a passing tourist, but fully enveloped in the activities and culture surrounding you.



We receive monetary donations to purchase food, clothing and supplies inside Peru. As receiving actual items can be limited or expensive due to the ridiculous fees customs levies on imports.

We take monetary donations to advance our programs, whether it be funding our volunteer programs or specific projects such as disaster relief or Humanitarian Aid to the Children of the Andes.

For on site help we are taking volunteers to work in Lima, Peru or remotely to help bring awareness and help us with fundraising.

You will need to let us know to which fund you are donating, whether the Children of the Andes Fund, our Disaster Relief Fund or to Fund our Volunteer Program. Donations are funneled to each of these funds with most need if you choose to donate to all of them or individually. 

You can either donate or if you have the time you can volunteer to join us in Peru or work remotely to help bring awareness to the fund or actually take the supplies to the children in need.

We recommend a minimum of two weeks if you are traveling to Peru to assist us with the Volunteer program. If you are volunteering remotely then the amount of time you spend assisting us is up to you.

We mostly provide affected families of flooding with food to sustain themselves for weeks at a time. The last major flooding occurred in 2017. The El Niño current creates deadly rains every couple of years and we fundraise to keep the funds ready for any emergencies.

Peru also lies in the ring of fire, an area heavy in seismic activity and we must always be prepared to be able to help at a moments notice.

Any amount will help us continue to provide keep our organization running and funded. We appreciate your charity and hope you can also find the time to help us either volunteering in Peru, remotely or by just spreading our cause.

You can send us a message or call us, all the information is on our contact page. Alternatively you can email us at info@karikuy.org

Help Us Make a Difference

Your Donation can keep a child warm through Winter. Provide crucial supplies after a natural disaster.  Keep our Humanitarian and Volunteer programs running. Every little bit counts.