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Donate to Peru and help families escape hunger, disease and poverty.

our work to heal peru

Kawsay Fund

Bringing warmth to the cold stricken children of the Andean highlands.

Disaster Relief

Bringing food and vital resources to areas in most need of assistance.


Bringing volunteers to Peru to help us with fundraising and logistics.

since 2007

Our Peru Volunteers and staff have worked diligently to better the living conditions on our small part of the Planet. 

Donate to Peru & your donations will allow us to help more families. 

The program has challenged me and what I thought I knew about myself, the world and the people in it.
Christina, Karikuy Volunteer
Christina Baker
This experience was so great that it is almost depressing because I’m not sure anything will live up to this again!
Andrew Crawford, volunteer
Andrew Crawford
Volunteering for Karikuy has driven my interest to return to Peru and pursue future projects.
Jenny Sherman, volunteer
Jenny Sherman

Donate to Peru & you can make a difference!

All donations allows us to continue funding our humanitarian and Peru Volunteer programs. Please consider a small donation before going on your way, every little bit helps!