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Marcos Calderón was a Peruvian football coach. He led the Peru national football team to victory in the Copa América 1975 and led the team to the second fase on the 1978 World Cup finals. He was born in 1928 and died while coaching Alianza Lima in a terrible aviation crash that occurred in December 8, 1987.

Coaching History

Calderon had been a football player during the 1950s. A few years after his farewell, he began coaching.

Calderon had won several titles with important Peruvian clubs such as Universitario de Deportes, Sport Boys, and Sporting Cristal. Due to his successes, he was named the coach of the Peru national football team and led the team to the second phase. Later, Calderon went on to coach Alianza Lima and through his leadership the team rose to many victories and several good players came out from the team. The majority of the team was relatively young, but Calderon set a lot of faith into the players and soon many of them became part of the Peruvian national team. Sadly, when traveling on an away game for the Peruvian League match of Alianza Lima, Calderon died along with the entire team of Alianza in an aviation crash. Not only was a great coach for Peru lost, but also several good players from Peru's national football team died.

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